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Meristema Lab

Meristema Lab

This month I have the pleasure of presenting you the work of Annarita Bianco, founder of the design studio Meristema Lab .

We met for the first time during an independent market, but we deepened our knowledge thanks to a collective design workshop. We immediately felt a strong affinity and a beautiful friendship was born based on mutual personal and professional esteem.

After graduating in architecture and design, Annarita continued her education by attending a two-year course in the goldsmith's art. He started designing and making jewelry that mixes the use of new technologies with traditional craftsmanship, unconventional materials and classic metals. He has exhibited his works in numerous national and international exhibitions, receiving prizes and honorable mentions.

The project that I present to you is 3020 - Artifact from the next millennium . Inspired by the Anthropocene, the new geological era, in which human activity has led not only to interference in the natural world, but to its total alteration.

New minerals and elements formed by the agglutination of plastic debris and natural sediments are the first evidence of this “ post natural ” scenario. The 3020 project outlines a possible scenario that could occur in a thousand years, imagining how e-waste , material waste from the immaterial digital age, can interfere with natural geological processes.

Drawing inspiration from the three models of lithogenesis - sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic - Annarita creates three types of synthetic rocks that include waste from usb cables.

The laser-engraved graphic patterns on silver foil represent a symbiosis between the natural world and digital fascination, transposition of the natural textures of rocks into artificial motifs.

In the Guest Gallery section of the shop you will find some jewels made by her. Take a look at her works.



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