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Gisella Ciullo

Gisella Ciullo

I return to the presentation of a new designer, after a small break in programming.

Gisella and I met during a collective design workshop, a path that we shared with great participation. On that occasion and the following ones I was able to appreciate her human qualities, as a brilliant graphic designer and as a young promise of contemporary jewellery. I was able to see that some of our design discussions have many affinities.

Born and raised in Southern Italy, Gisella Ciullo graduated in Architecture in Rome and began a career as a Graphic Designer in 2017.
From an early age she developed a great passion for art and jewelery creation. Passion that has led her over the years to experiment with various materials and learn different self-taught techniques. After attending a Jewelery Design course in 2020, she decided to further deepen her training in this field by collaborating as an assistant at several contemporary jewelery studios in Lisbon and Amsterdam, where she currently resides. The connection with her homeland pushes her to use mainly local natural materials and traditional artisan techniques.
With her work she has participated in various collective exhibitions and collaborative projects.

In the section Guest Gallery of the shop you will find some jewels made by her. Take a look at her works.

Photo by Emiliano Picciolo



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