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Haruko Ito

Haruko Ito

This month I am happy to introduce and present the work of Haruko Ito.

Haruko and I met in 2016, on the occasion of Shadows, an exhibition during the Fuorisalone design in Milan in which we were both involved.

We never lost sight of each other. Haruko is a very welcoming but also very rigorous designer and goldsmith. She is of Japanese origin and graduated in Art and Design at the Department of Ceramic Design and Craftsmanship at Joshibi University in Tokyo. She moved to Milan and attended drawing and wax modeling courses. , Goldsmithing, Setting, Engraving and Gemology and subsequently obtained a diploma from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, specializing in Sculpture. He lives and works in Milan and creates wonders in his small studio in Brera, active since 2010. She participates in numerous national and international exhibitions without ever severing the bridge that connects her to her native Japan.

His work is concrete, often inspired by the fascinating and poetic world of Japanese culture, contaminated by so much European influence. Haruko is a friend forever and this empathetic dimension that characterizes her is an irreplaceable resource.

In the section Guest Gallery of the shop you will find some jewels made by her. Take a look at his works.

Haruko tells her story like this:

" My job is like writing a diary. Every day I meet people, I happen to notice the flowers on the sidewalk, I wake up, I eat, the wind caresses me, I wear my favorite clothes and I feel the warmth of the sun. Every moment is unique. It gives me special sensations. I express and give shape to those sensations. These unique moments take me to an imaginary place.

Serenity and a clarity make you feel EVERYTHING totally. There is neither space nor time. Nothing. You feel part of the universe but at the same time like the universe itself. A totally perfect universe. An extraordinary, ineffable sensation, "an eternal moment between here and elsewhere".

The moments we live are part of us. Every moment must be remembered. Every single choice matters. It's right to surround ourselves with people who give us serenity. Our space is unique, there are objects that we have chosen with care.

I hope that my works remind us how important each of us is, and how important it is to choose every moment. How important it is to wear unique jewelry. different from the others.
Diversity makes us unique. It makes us live with immense serenity ."

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