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On the occasion of the nineteenth edition of Fotografia Europea, an annual international event focused on the theme of contemporary photography, fascinated by the theme of the year " NATURE LOVES TO HIDE ", Simona Materi and Carlo Terenzi take up the challenge of developing an exhibition project by proposing it at the CIRCUITO OFF of the event that fills and colors the city of Reggio nell'Emilia.
Simona and Carlo hybridize their usual expressive languages, starting from the analysis of some of Simona's jewels , passing through the interpretation of artificial intelligence with Carlo's sensitivity to interrelation with the prompt, the manipulation with photographic and artisanal techniques to produce a further jewel whose characteristic will be to contain all the expressions and experiences experienced. In a continuous reference between analogue and digital in an attempt to broaden and compare one's linguistic spectrum through other media and accepting a third digital identity, the exhibition aims to open up to the interaction between different languages ​​and direct the focus on themes related to nature in the time of the Anthropocene . The stage sets and works on display will constitute the pretext to propose a reflection on climate change and future scenarios.

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