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A thousand-year-old symbol, the egg has a symbolic meaning that goes beyond the Easter tradition.
From ancient pagan myths, through the Christian tradition, up to the Renaissance
and to the most modern and contemporary visions, the egg has stood out for its powerful
metaphorical charge to which, even today, many peoples, customs and traditions frequently resort: egg as the principle of life, a mystery that contains the indistinct potential of living beings.

For Lucio Fontana, however, the egg is the "End of God". Speaking about his series of perforated canvases from 1964, Fontana explains: “For me they mean the infinite, the inconceivable thing, the end of figuration, the beginning of nothingness.”

Yet the explosion of oil colors used by the artist on the canvases inflicted by cuts,
gashes and graffiti, seems to suggest something completely different...


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