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The warp beginning

The warp beginning - pendant and brooch
Year: 2015-16
Techniques: modeling, lost-wax casting, patina
Materials: recycled iron, silver, bronze, harmonic steel

The project, promoted and curated by AGC Italy and JJDA Japan, associations that promote and disseminate the cultural value of contemporary jewelry, called DIALOGUES , , was born from the desire to celebrate 150 years of institutional relations between Italy and Japan. In the principle of exchange of suggestions between the selected artists, related to their countries of origin, thanks to the constant and thick dialogue with Chisa Takagi, my interest was captured by the work of the famous Japanese artist Takezaiku who works the bamboo in large sizes intertwining it and generating monumental aesthetic technical experiences of amazing beauty.
I reinterpreted the gesture of the weave, mentioning it with my materials, seeking with them the color of bamboo in its different shades, through experimental forms of oxidation, for the realization of the two pieces, a brooch and a pendant with a chain of discreet dimensions.
One of the most passionate projects realized over the years, for the presence of cultural exchanges with the artists involved, for the beauty of the exhibition places that have welcomed the selection of jewels of the large number of artists, for the transdisciplinary dialogue favored by the occasion.

The warp beginning, will be exhibited with the project DIALOGUES at the Museo del Gioiello in Yamanashy, at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo, at the Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean in Livorno, at the Cominelli Foundation in Salò, at the SAN ROCCO Oratory in Padua, at the Museum of Bijoux in Casalmaggiore and at the MAC Museum of Arts & Crafts in Itami in Japan.