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Still tearing within

Year: 2007
Perpetual Fountain
Materials: digital photography on aluminum, iron holding tank, hydraulic pump for recycling system, water, wooden hull, glass jars, red tempera. Photo by Barbara Falcinelli.
Size: 2.00 x 1.20 m

Simona Materi relaunches the sense of time in which the sacred apparitions no longer need to manifest themselves in the emblem of their bodily forms, but present signs, such as the simple cry constituted with tears of blood that tells the synthetic consistency of the contextuality to which all of us living belong and in which the artist is represented with the disposed jars of color in the symbolism of the double sense of red waxes and of the direct connection with tears of blood as an indication of an inner suffering equal to the pain felt by the deities for human greed: "infinity here has seen the spiritual lives one by one, pleads to you, by grace, of virtues so much, that it can rise higher with its eyes towards the last health.
Text: A. Picariello, "Madonna... from human to divine"
The installation was presented at the Matese Friend Festival in 2007 and in 2008 at the VENAFRANDO collectives curated by ProLoco at Palazzo de Utris in Venafro (IS), "s’ì fosse terra, com’ì sono e fui" curated by G. Berchicci in Chiauci (IS) and for the collective Madonna…from human to divine curated by A. Picariello di Capracotta (IS)