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Year: 2013
Techniques: mixed media
Materials: Rock, lead, pigment, digital photo, video, extra-virgin olive oil painting.

NOMENOMEN is a territorial cultural project that explores the potential of the 52 municipalities in the province of Isernia in Molise. NOMENOMEN aims to give names to the time of the territory of the province of Isernia and to involve everyone who shares the same desire in the narrative.
"In my Molise, there is a time that I thought was empty. In that time of questions, I left due to the absence of answers. Now I am here, near four or five stone houses, in one of those valleys that appear after a curve, at the end of a descent, or just past the brief pass of a path that smells of woods and countryside. After so much of the world, now that I am here, it seems to me that beyond the oak tree that marks the limit, there is all the world I wanted to find." Franco Avicolli
I participated in the project by building an ideal dry stone wall with stones extracted from each municipality in the Province of Isernia, to represent a unity of genesis and tensions, also a bit utopian. The stones were colored according to the demographic incidence of the countries themselves following a legend of attributions. The lead inserted inside some of them is perfectly identical to the interlocking, soul mates, like the people who inhabit those lands.
I painted with extra-virgin olive oil and pigments, I told with very short videos of the water that is a need and identity of the territory, I created hyper-realistic jewelry with the elements offered by the nature of the territory.
I would like to underline that Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico participated in the project, narrating with an ubiquitous narration that Molise is part of the world. The project was presented in 2013 at the Chamber of Commerce of Isernia.

Simona Materi; Artworks; Visuals; Nomen Omen; Transition video; Arte Molise