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Dark of light

Year: 2001
Techniques: Intaglio engraving
Materials: copper and mdf matrices printed on Hahnemühle paper

Nero di Luce - The light of the cavities and the return of the reflections is an international exhibition project of intaglio engraving promoted by the Daphne Association curated by Mauro Corradini and Giuliano Santini, with a poetic reflection by Alda Merini.
The entire project, which involved 11 Italian and one Slovenian artist, was exhibited in Soncino, Urbino, the Benedictine Abbey of Castel San Vincenzo, Ortigia, Naples, Rovato, Milan and the Italian Institute of Culture in Krakow, Barcelona and Bucharest. 
The art of the young always surprises us, even if sometimes they find unnatural cavities that we have never explored. Probably the simple old age of a banal and basically tragic life gave us the sense of a joyful commemoration that they do not have. But in their environmental cavities, in their figures they seek the solution perhaps of a divine mystery, not always, even the pain of life. The task of the critic is not to cheer the young man with a personal beating and then let him die, but to accept him, to give the young man a critical dignity that goes beyond enthusiasm. Alda Merini