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Year: 2016
Techniques: CNC milling – Direct UV printing, digital photography.
Materials: plexiglass

Absorption is a transparent plexiglass disc collar with a diameter of 36cm. The image printed on it is a digital shot, part of a sequence of 144 images, made in 2016. The work figuratively represents the absorption of the movement of the calm waters of the lake, the movement towards another body following prolonged visual contact. A performance was produced to accompany the work. When wearing the plexiglass collar disc, the performer was asked to interpret the sensation of absorption resulting from the prolonged display of graphic images representing the calm motion of the lake waters. A timelapse made with the sequence of 144 graphic images of water was projected onto the performer. The editing of the stop-motion video was processed in incoming and outgoing following the steps of the Fibonacci sequence up to number 144. The same procedure was used for the timelapse.
Photo and video editing: Carlo Terenzi
Model: Adele Buondonno

"Simona Materi investigates the landscape and the body as complementary areas by studying their rhythm, vitality, and organic expression in nature, in an attempt to identify an original and primordial bond that unites living beings". Ilaria Ruggiero The performative project with the collar was exhibited at the VDW 2017 Venice Design Week - Cà Pisani Design Hotel in Venice and on the occasion of PARCOURS BIJOUX 2020 curated by ADORNMENT ARTJEWELRY for the group show "Human Space Identity" at Galerie Sophie etc. in Paris. The only video Absorption was presented at EXHIBITED FREQUENCY|One Night Video Art and Projection Show 2016 curated by T. Evangelista at Spazio 180 in Isernia.
Simona Materi; Absorption; Video-performance; Body-mapping